Looking for work

It’s been a long time since I’ve had to look for work. And more than likely if you’re reading this its because my C.V. has landed in front of you.

It used to be just a case of uploading the C.V. and the agencies would ring but that was in the days when I called myself a Flash / Flex developer and I really want to move away from that now. I don’t feel that im a specialist in any particular language any more. I’ve used so many, there are similarities between them, and it can take a while to get into the flow of a certain syntax, but not long. It’s the concepts that are important, those of Inheritance and Composition, Polymorphism, using Design patterns and Software patterns, seems every language has several MVC frameworks, and once you know one it really isn’t asking too much to adjust to a new one.

Most of my experience has been on the Front End so I guess I’ve dealt with all those little Usability Issues over the years which again have nothing to do with the language, so perhaps if I do need a label then I’m a Front End developer.

So what to do now? Should i spend the $95 dollars each for W3C certificates in PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS? if I knew it would guarantee a job then maybe it would be a good idea.

Or perhaps I should just build stuff for fun. I like Dart but there are no jobs in it at the moment, I like writing games using the HTML5 canvas, but is there a demand for that? Well I think for now that’s exactly what I’m going to do, the cutting edge stuff because for now I have the freedom and in the end its all about Usability, Design, Clean code, and good patterns no matter what the technology.

Charlie and Lola

What makes us happy.

Built to spec and implementing easy click mechanism for young childen.


Grid Club


I was the lead developer for the Time Tunnel section of the website. This was built in 2001 and was cutting edge at the time, and it’s still going strong. It won the Bafta for best online learning site and has earned many more awards since.

To play the Time Tunnel games you’ll need to pay for a subscription.